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Bottle Trick With a Kick

  • Cleared
Occurred on February 9, 2019 / Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Info from Licensor: Hanging out in a mate's shed when he shows off a neat trick...
Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Occurred Feb-9-2019
Posted By Daniel turner
Posted On Feb-13-2019

Halloween Trick or Treat Package Thief

  • Cleared
Occurred on October 31, 2018 / Carmichael, California, USA Info from Licensor: "A women and two kids approached my home to trick or treat. The woman decided to take my amazon package as own tr..
Location Carmichael, California, USA
Occurred Oct-31-2018
Posted By David D. Moorman
Posted On Nov-4-2018

Classic Work Site Tape Measure Trick

  • Cleared
Occurred on September 12, 2018 / Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Info from Licensor: "I was at work and I’ve heard of this old tape measure trick. Thought I’d stitch up one of the other wo..
Location Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Occurred Sep-12-2018
Posted By Brandon l ross
Posted On Sep-13-2018

Red Solo Cup Trick

  • Cleared
Occurred on January 3, 2018 / Curitiba, Parana, Brasil Info from Licensor: "My friend and I were in our house when we had the idea of doing a trick shot. I passed him the ball and he kicked it..
Location Curitiba, Parana, Brasil
Occurred Jan-3-2018
Posted By Marcelo Veron
Posted On Jan-15-2018

Magic Trick Gone Wrong

  • Cleared
Occurred on October 30, 2017 / Houston, Texas, USA Info from Licensor: "My brother and I tried to do a magic trick but it went wrong."..
Location Houston, Texas, USA
Occurred Oct-30-2017
Posted By Roger rivas
Posted On Nov-2-2017

Cat Does Trick Like Dog

  • Cleared
Occurred on October 18, 2017 / Bozeman, Montana, USA Info from Licensor: "We adopted our cat, Milli, from an animal shelter about 8 months ago. She was brought to the shelter when she was 6 mo..
Location Bozeman, Montana, USA
Occurred Oct-18-2017
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Oct-25-2017

Magic Dog Treat Trick

  • Cleared
Info: An owner tricks their dog with a treat.
Location Unknown
Occurred not known
Posted By
Posted On Oct-24-2017

Card Toss Trick

  • Cleared
Info: Cool card toss trick. Occurrence Date: January 18, 2016
Location uk
Occurred not known
Posted By Ashley twigg
Posted On Jan-19-2016

Difficult Horse Duct Tape Trick

  • Cleared
Occurrence Date: April 2nd, 2015 Description Info: This rancher tries out a simple trick he heard from a friend involving placing duct tape on the horses nose to distract it while shoeing...
Location Rigby, Idaho, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Alan barrus
Posted On Jan-17-2016