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Store Closes With Customer Still Inside

Occurred on October 2, 2022 / Evansville, Indiana, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was told my hitch installation on my vehicle would take a couple of hours and they’d call me when it’s finished. So, I left the property and came back around closing because I hadn’t heard from them yet. I waited in the lobby while the girl at the front desk started closing up. After a while, I realized an hour had gone by and nobody was around. I started looking around but nobody was at the front desk, the doors were locked, and it was starting to get dark out. I found a cracked ‘employees only’ door and searched for someone in the back. They were in the garage area, surprised at my sudden appearance, and told me they were having wiring issues. It took 2 hours after closing before they finished and I was able to leave. They also didn’t provide a cover for the wiring which I was told should’ve been provided. An update would’ve been nice either before I came to pick up my vehicle and/or while I was waiting in the store. No discount or anything was given or offered."

Credit: tiktok/@sh3lberttt
Location Evansville, Indiana, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Shelby Spalding
Posted On Oct-7-2022


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