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Alligator Rescue

Occurred on November 23, 2017 / Bokeelia, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: "I received a call from my wife’s best friend that there was an alligator outside our home in Bokeelia FL and to be careful. I went down to check it out with 2 of my good friends and realized there was a ring of some sort around the alligators mid-section and that it was cutting him up real bad. I decided that it needed to be taken off if possible or it was most certainly going to die. I went and got what supplies I thought would be best to help me safely capture it then free it from the ring. I also grabbed a Superman blanket to throw over top of the gator so it couldn’t see. That way I could safely secure the animal. The Superman blanket was too light so I went and got another heavier cotton blanket, wet it down with water and headed back outside. I managed to get a perfect toss over the alligators open mouth and head on the second try and moved in closer to try and get close enough to secure the jaws. I realized the broom was not really serving any purpose so I tossed it aside and positioned myself in back of and over the alligator. I quickly readied myself to pounce on the body and firmly press on the alligator's jaws to keep it closed. and straddled the tail with a foot to keep it from flailing around. I then lifted the head up slowly and back, wrapped the head with the blanket and secured it with duct tape. Then I proceeded to get to work on cutting the ring off the animal. We called wildlife conservation. He arrived quickly and asked a lot of questions, making sure we were not trying to harm the animal. Then he watched the video and said that we did a job and that we shouldn't do it again since it was against the law."
Location Bokeelia, Florida, USA
Occurred Nov-23-2017
Posted On Jan-24-2018