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The Snake Ninja

Location: Jacunda, Brazil

Info from Licensor: "This video is a form of protest against deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. Another bizarre protest against the Amazon deforestation of Arteval Duarte, the Snake Ninja, a practitioner of mitridatization who is accustomed to immunize with poison. I've been practicing for years. I've been injecting venomous snakes and venomous animals into myself I'm a resident of the city of PARÁ that I belonged to the amazon always looking for to immunize with the poison itself injecting venom of snakes jararacas other snakes, in myself 80% to 90% of all snake bites in Brazil, are from the dangerous jararaca, whose venom is quite powerful, can cause necrosis necrosis amputation hemorrhage and death of the victim. The venom is so strong that 70mg are sufficient To kill a man of about 60kg. Do not do this procedure."
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Posted On Jul-12-2017


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