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Broken Water Tank Caves in Ceiling

Occurred on December 24, 2022 / UK

Info from Licensor: "Our overflow pipe had been leaking, so we contacted British Gas for them to come check it. They canceled our appointments before Christmas and weren’t going to come to see it till early Jan 2023. At 1 am Christmas Eve morning I heard a loud bang and running water. I went into the loft and water was rushing out of our overflow/hot water tank. We immediately turned off our water in the house, and it stopped but by this point around 100 liters of water had already poured into the floorboards in the loft as that's how quickly the water was coming out. We rang British Gas, and because we had turned off the water, they classed it as 'non-emergency' even though the roof had fallen through and we pay for emergency cover. They offered to send someone out on the 5th of Jan (bear in mind this happened on the 24th of December). Eventually, we got someone local out from a company called Dynorod, and they were brilliant – capped off our hot water tank so we had cold water for Christmas Day. It’s now the 23rd of Jan and British Gas has only just started looking into it after ignoring/cutting us off of numerous calls after my mum emailed the CEO. Our home insurance has also been absolutely terrible and still hasn't got back to us with a plan for sorting out the repairs on our ceiling."
Location uk
Occurred not known
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Jan-24-2023


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