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Grizzly Cub Plays with a Traffic Cone

Occurred on May 17, 2021 / Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA

Info from Licensor: Here is the most famous bear in the world, grizzly bear 399 of Grand Teton National Park. In 2020 she emerged from the den with an astonishing and very rare 4 cubs, at the old age of 24. The cubs survived their first summer. In 2021, the cubs were bigger, more adventurous, and more curious about their surroundings. In this video, a couple of her four cubs decided to play with some of the traffic cones laid out to prevent cars from parking right where they were going to cross the highway. Instead of crossing the highway inside Grand Teton N.P., they decided to have some fun with the cones instead. These cones are a perfect chew toy for a curious young bear cub.
Location Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA
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Posted By Brandon Navratil
Posted On Dec-22-2021