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Road Rage Cat & Mouse

A driver has a close call with a bat wielding road rager after telling him that he was recording the scene.
Info From Licensor: "So this just happened about an hour ago. I was minding my business listening to my Ozzy Osbourne CD when I turn onto a road where Jersey Shore here pulled a bat on a girl in her car in the middle of the street (road rage maybe, not sure why), so I stopped him and told him I was filming him. Then Wife Beater comes at ME with the bat, smashing my rear window and later my trunk and then the side of my car. Got him on film, but the bitch of all this is that the police - you know, the ones that are supposed to care about citizens and catch assailants - gave me the runaround for ONE HOUR trying to determine jurisdiction. They didn't give a shit about catching the guy or preventing more car smashes or even taking his freakin license plate. The car next to the girl's car had a smashed window so I assumed it was from him. So now I have to drive back to where this happened and file the report THERE (in San Gabriel). I'm more furious at the cops for not giving a shit than The Situation nearly killing me with a bat."
Location: South San Gabriel, CA, USA
Occurrence Date: February 24, 2016
Location South San Gabriel, CA, USA
Occurred not known
Posted On Feb-26-2016


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