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Lost Dog Found in Woods

Occurred on December 1, 2022 / Arendal, Norway

Info from Licensor: Snöhvit is a six-year-old husky. She loves walks and, unfortunately, also loves to run away from home. So, what happened was: Outside the house we have a large garden and that's why we used to have a long rope tied to the entrance area so she can run around the area. When Snow White and I got home from a walk on Monday (28 Jan), I attached her leash to the rope for better reach. The hook attached to the rope turned out to have been damaged over time and snapped. She had ran away a couple times before, but never had she ran away with a leash so we immediately became worried. When she ran away earlier, she’d always come back home in the evening, but not this time. The next morning, we posted pictures and descriptions all over Facebook and called the police to let them know. On Tuesday, my grandparents, parents, and friends all searched for her separately, but she was nowhere to be found. On Wednesday morning, we went out again to look for a tip about a loose dog, but it turned out to be a stray track as we didn't find any dog. Then right before I went to sleep on Wednesday, I checked my father’s Facebook post, and someone had commented on some barking in the woods behind her house. Me, my brother, and mom immediately went out looking for her. We searched for well over an hour before we heard one single bark, and that’s when I started recording. We found her 01:00 Thursday night.
Location Arendal, Norway
Occurred not known
Posted By Erling Skjonhaug
Posted On Dec-5-2022


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