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18 Wheeler Does A PIT Maneuver On Hatchback

November 22, 2014, I-75 south bound 8 miles north of Atlanta, tractor trailer driver changed lanes without heeding the Scion hatchback to his right. He clipped the left rear quarter panel and sent the car into a 360 degree spin across three lanes at 60 mph. No one was injured in the accident but driver of hatchback most likely would have been killed had other cars been traveling in the any of the other lanes at the time. The car was totaled. The police officer who covered the incident told the hatchback driver that he wasn't able to determine fault since he didn't witness who merged into whom. The hatchback driver retrieved the dash cam and played the segment for the officer. The officer said "That's all I need to see". Case closed. Lesson - Dash cams aren't just for Russians any more. Put a dash cam in your car. It will pay for itself the first time you need it.
Location Atlanta, GA, USA
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Posted On Jun-4-2015