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Bobcat Nearly Gets Stomped by Deer

Occurred on November 11, 2017 / Fredericktown, Missouri, USA

Info from Licensor: "My son and was deer hunting, and a bobcat came out. I wanted to video the bobcat and show it to my family. The bobcat caught some movement in our deer blind as I was getting my phone out to video. The cat came up to the blind to see what was in there. As the bobcat approached us a doe came out and seemed to be following the bobcat. I thought the cat was going to jump in our blind so scared it off by whispering to it. It scared the bobcat off and and sent him towards the doe. The doe charged the bobcat and tried to stomp it! Nobody saw the twist at the ending coming!"
Location Fredericktown, Missouri, USA
Occurred Nov-11-2017
Posted By Justin Sullivan
Posted On Nov-20-2017


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