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Woman Kicks Robot Dog Walking Down Sidewalk

Occurred on January 8, 2023 / Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia

Info from Licensor: "'Stampy' the quadruped autonomous patrol robot with military, mining, and search and rescue applications was being used to 360-degree laser scan and GPS map Brisbane city whilst on a 'learning' mission accompanied by owner/programmer Mark Trueno. Within 30 seconds of deployment, a drunk Fortitude Valley partygoer kicked Stampy square in the face with heavy boots. While the robot was able to survive the impact, Stampy suffered some sensor malfunctions. The female suffered an injured foot. She later returned 45 minutes later and attacked the robot again while laughing. Her friend tried to stop her on both occasions and apologized for her behavior. Although he looks a little creepy, Stampy has benign intentions, being that he is used to patrol and enter dangerous areas unable to be safely accessed by humans. The robot made by Unitree Robots comes in various models worth up to $22,000 USD, depending on features and options."
Location Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia
Occurred not known
Posted By Mark Trueno
Posted On Jan-18-2023


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