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Blind Husky Loves Baby

Occurred on August 27, 2022 / Virginia Beach

Info from Licensor: "Sid is a special member of our family. We started fostering him in April 2021, and formally adopted him in August 2021. He is now a little over 2 years old, and has been blind as long as we have known him. As we prepared for the birth of our own baby, we asked our friends to bring over their baby, Madi, occasionally so our dogs could get used to a baby. While they both took a liking to Madi, Sid took an extra liking to her. We had our baby in July 2022, and he has been learning about being gentle. When Madi came back over to our house in late August, he was very excited. As soon as Sid realized Madi was being put down on the ground, he had to go say hi! He had a whole conversation with her, and it was the most adorable interaction. She was loving it as much as he was! Our friends told us our dogs are the only ones Madi hasn't been afraid of thus far. We are so glad that Sid and her share this special bond. We hope that Sid and our baby girl will share the same sweet bond as she grows and starts to interact with him too."
Location Virginia Beach
Occurred not known
Posted By Nicole Lloyd
Posted On Sep-2-2022


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