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Ostrich Chases Cyclists in South Africa

Occurred on September 30, 2020 / Cape Town, South Africa

Info from Licensor: We were enjoying a scenic ride through the Cape Point National Park, one of the most beautiful areas on the Cape Peninsula. As we rolled through the hills and took in all the beauty, Robyn noticed a strange bird running with the peloton. 'Look at it run' she shouted. I then realized that an Ostrich was chasing down our strongest rider, Ben. 'Nobody can catch Ben, but wow! Have you seen the quads on that ostrich!' I thought to myself as I reached for my phone and started filming. I maneuvered my way past other riders and captured this Ben-Ostrich Showdown. As I tracked the blazing bird with my phone with one hand on the handlebars, I was in absolute awe of its awkward running style. The Ostrich then crossed the road recklessly right in front of me and in my mind the angry bird was about to deliver a knockout strike that would send me sliding along the tarmac - this is where the filming gets sketchy. To end the race, Ben put down the power and took the poor ostrich's heart rate way above what it could handle. The Ostrich then gave up and resumed its peaceful Sunday routines on the lush hills of Africa.
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Occurred not known
Posted By Daniel Sass
Posted On Oct-7-2020


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