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Man Playing Fetch with Dog Falls Through Bushes

Occurred on August 6, 2022 / Seattle, Washington, USA

Info from Licensor: A group of friends were gathered at a house party in Seattle over SeaFair weekend - a weekend of boat partying and watching the Navy Blue Angels fly overhead. We decided to play fetch with the dog when one friend stands up and slowly starts moving off to the side. Backing up to play fetch, he leaned back thinking that there was a fence along where the bushes were. There wasn't a fence and he instantly fell through a bunch of bushes and rolled down onto the concrete slab at the bottom of the steep Seattle yard. After he falls you can see him pop up in the bottom right corner and give a double peace sign - indicating he was okay!
Location Seattle, Washington, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Anastasia Reynolds
Posted On Aug-24-2022


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