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Anesthesia Does a Number on Dog

Occurred on October 11, 2019 / Wenatchee, Washington, USA

Info from Licensor: "Scout is a big, independent dog who loves to romp and frolic through the forest and play with sticks and rocks. Unfortunately, he’s got a ton of allergies, and an ear infection caused him to scratch and shake so much that he got a hematoma. For the surgery, they needed a lot of anesthesia for him since he can stand 6 feet tall and he weighs 150 pounds. He’s normally a very vocal dog, always talking and grumbling to people when he’s having fun or when he’s engaged with someone, so it can be assumed that he was having the time of his life!"
Location Wenatchee, Washington, USA
Occurred Oct-11-2019
Posted By Tanner Hanstine
Posted On Nov-6-2019


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