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Man Slips Down Steps

Occurred on January 31, 2023 / San Antonio, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was working in my home office in San Antonio, Texas. My wife said she thought we had a water leak in our front yard. I said, oh crap! The temperature out side was below 30 degrees and this is not normal for San Antonio. We had a pool of water in our front yard, I thought it was from all the rain. I put on my jacket and headed out front to take a look. It was our pipe leaking. I went back inside and put on layers of clothes because I knew I would be out in the front yard for a while. I went out the back door to head for my shed so I could get a couple shovels. I knew it had rained and I knew we had freezing temperatures but it never crossed my mind that the steps and rails might be covered in ice. My mind was focused on the work at hand and getting the leak fixed so we didn't keep running up our water bill. As soon as my foot touched the step in that split second, I thought this isn't going to be good. Next thing you know, I hit the steps on my left side butt and lower back and bounced all the way down. I laid there for a minute to assess my injuries. All is good, just a bruised left side and a shattered ego. I thought, I am glad my wife didn't see this. I never thought about checking the cameras, that was all her.
Location San Antonio, Texas, USA
Occurred not known
Posted On Feb-2-2023


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