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Pulling a Man From a Car Crash

This happened a few years back. In Salida CA. I was with my brother going down the 99, and he started freaking out. Yelling stop the car stop the car, I'm thinking to myself, why? Unknown to me, he just watched a SUV flip 8 times on the opposite side of the highway. I pulled over to the crash thinking Oh ill pull out my phone and record this, not knowing it had just happened. As I hit record I noticed the guy still in the SUV upside down and people standing around not doing a damn thing. So I rushed up the the SUV and helped him out.

I know I could have done more harm than good when I was pulling him out, but you don't think about it at the time, you see smoke and you just think about wanting to get the guy out harms way.

There was another SUV involved that was flipped on its side, two ladies inside that one, one with a broken nose. One of the ladies fell asleep at the wheel and crossed three lanes at hit the guy in the fast lane causing him to flip. There were people there helping the ladies out of the SUV.

I got a chance to talk to the guy a few days later and he was doing good, just had bumps and bruises and a cut on his head.
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Posted By Jason Anderson
Posted On Jan-8-2015